Maran Gas Maritime Inc.

Maran Gas Maritime Inc. (“MGM”) is the Gas Shipping unit of the Angelicoussis Shipping Group (“ASGL”). MGM was set up in July 2003 to manage the LNG and LPG carriers of ASGL.

ASGL has a well established track record in shipping dating back to 1947. ASGL's fleet now comprises bulk carriers, tankers, LNG vessels and LPG vessels. Today it employs a staff of approximately 300 shoreside professionals as well as over 3,700 officers and crew.

In July 2003, Maran Gas Maritime Inc. was founded

September 2003 First LNG vessel ordered
May 2005 First LPG vessel ordered
July 2005 First LNG ship delivered
July 2008 First LPG ship delivered
January 2009 all 5 LNG and 2 LPG vessels fully operational
July 2013 Delivery of the LNG vessel Woodside Rogers from DSME